Darren Fishell

Darren Fishell

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A reference for selected Opportunity Zones in Maine

Written on May 30, 2019

Gov. Paul LePage last year picked 31 census tracts in Maine where investors could receive federal tax benefits.

(More here on the program from the IRS)

These “Opportunity Zones” are based on census tracts, which are not geographies that the average person, or even city officials, would readily recognize.

I’ve updated an older Tableau Public map I produced while reporting at the Bangor Daily News to use vector maps released in version 2019.2, which means the maps have crystal clear resolution at close details.

For Opportunity Zones, this means you can better visualize where a census tract’s lines are drawn, down to the street.

For instance, this Twitter chain illustrates one use case for such a map.

This map from consulting and auditing firm Novagradac also shows these boundaries nationwide.