Darren Fishell

Darren Fishell

Data reporter and wrangler

Track contributions to Maine's gubernatorial candidates

Written on January 28, 2022

Election season is all up on us. Again. It’s an off-cycle year, the last two years have been a blur: it’s hard to believe. But it’s back – and so is former Gov. Paul LePage (see Maine’s term limits).

The candidates disclosed their first big batch of fundraising earlier this month, with the contest so far dominated by Democratic incumbent Janet Mills and the returning Paul LePage. Republican (anti-gay activist) Michael Heath is also in the mix.

Democrats John Glowa and and Kenneth Capron have also reported small contributions, as has Green Independent candidate Michael Barden.

As of now, there’s not been any outside spending in the race, but that will be incorporated here when the time comes.

To see who exactly has donated to each candidate, use the dashboard below to filter a list of all contributors. You can download these records into Excel or another tool using the Download button (select the sheet ‘DOWNLOAD DETAIL’ if that’s not already selected).

A number of donors have maxed out already to both LePage and Mills, giving $3,450. That includes former Google and Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt for Mills and liquor magnate Paul Coulombe and his wife Giselaine Coulombe for LePage.